First meeting of little Emma

Liza Chaikina st., 17



Stas Bugs

Stas Bugs is an alias. The artist's real name is Stanislav Ivanov. He was born in 1984.

"When you are a child, every little thing has great importance but when we grow up we lose this perception, " the drawing tells us.

The artist hoped that looking at the relative sizes of the little girl and the huge toy people would remember the importance of preserving the childhood world, and the need for awe for their culture.

"Everyone who works in the street should understand that his or her work can be ruined. You just do something and leave it, and your art takes on a life of its own. Perhaps, it will be painted over or become a new point of attraction. I am not very interested in the future of that work, it is enough for me to have its photo on my phone,"

— said Stanislav said in an interview to


Stanislav came to modern art through graffiti which he studied for 12 years. Since 2006, the artist has been taking part in shows. He creates sculptures, installations, paintings, and graffiti. He studies the application of new materials and their combinations, explores human tactile sensations and the kinetic properties of objects.