School 8 — Vitae Vyazi

Krasnye Zori st., 26



Vitae Vyazi

The Vitae Vyazi team was formed in 2009.

The team members are Senya Zhuchkov, Stas Kanevsky, Anastasia Kraseva, Masha Merimi and Lesha Atomsky. The photographer is Mitya Alektsev. The manager is Denis Zenin.

The works of the Vitae Vyazi team are mysticism and grotesque, some irony, lightness and expressiveness of images.

Its style is a synthesis of Slavonic traditions with the global heritage of fine arts. The name of the team comes from a combination of two words - Vitae, which is Latin for "life," and "Vyazi" is the name of the ligatured decorative script made up of the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.

"We are interested in Slavonic culture, whose beauty is often underestimated these days. We are heirs to rich and completely original traditions in fine art and calligraphy but there are few people that can confidently name at least one quality inherent in Slavonic ornaments or writing. And by what we do, we would like to remind others (and ourselves) about the vitality of our art traditions, their appropriateness and relevance in the contemporary world,"

— said the artists about their work.