Krasnye Zory st., (transformer booth between buildings 30 and 32)



Zuk Club

Moscow art group. It includes Sergey Ovseikin, Kirill Stefanov, Artem Stefanov, Alexander Kochergin, and Maxim Malyarenko.

Artists use a mixture of techniques and experiment with different artistic styles.

The dwarves by the Zuk Club team are recognizable. The artists had put these dwarves in the streets of many cities in Russia and Europe.

Amusing multi-colored dwarf figures are portraits of small mischief makers that have lived in human dwellings for ages, with their politics, religion, and culture. According to the artists, they reflect human relationships.

The Zuk Club team likes to work in small towns, as projects attract the residents’ attention and become town landmarks, which does not happen in megacities hung with advertising.