Mural at the workshop

VSW Territory



Alexei Luka

Moscow artist and illustrator drawing in an abstract style.

The artist in his own abstract manner captured the geometry of the parts produced by the workshop.

Alexey became the first of ten authors whose work will be included in the industrial street art park on the territory of the Vyksa Steel Works. The concept of the park was developed by the curator Olga Pogasova. It involves a consistent artistic understanding of one workshop after another. Based on the competition, for 10 years, there will have been selected artists who will be able to transform the specifics of a particular production process into a work of art and translate it into a macro scale.


"The idea was pretty simple. As soon as I learned about this project, I immediately wanted to depict the inner workings of the plant and make a conceptualization of what is happening inside a workshop. The things that people do not see, that are hidden from them,"

— explained the artist.