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Zhukovsky district, 13



Vasily Kaptyrev

is an artist from Angarsk, Siberia. He uses Basil LST as his "nom de guerre".

With his works, the artist draws attention to conditions and events that stay below the radar in the town's rhythm, to spontaneous emotions and fleeting impressions.

The artist’s works have drive and expressiveness, his paintings have a stunning charisma that real street art has.

Vassily Kaptyrev comes from Angarsk in the Irkutsk region of Russia. He used to do aerography before he started doing street art. LST is an abbreviation for his art school nickname (Lastochkin), and although his real family name is quite different, Vassily decided to go with this alias.


“I do not consider myself an adherent of any special school of the visual arts. You can draw almost anything. The main thing is a meaningful and reasonable approach to drawing. Drawing something that deserves attention is better than drawing something trendy,"

— the artist said.