Spring Girl

Lenin st., 17 (transformer booth behind "Vyksa" department store)



Nastya Kraseva

An artist from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, from the Vitae Vyazi team.

A girl with a plait from which green leaves grow is depicted among intricate ethnic patterns carrying Slavic motifs.

"The piece is about the full flowering of nature. The picture is dotted with ornaments, because I was inspired by the Russian national costume and ornamentation. I wanted the piece to capture the strength, the lightness, and the freshness of spring,"

— the artist said.


Its style is a synthesis of Slavic traditions and global heritage of fine art. The team's name is a combination of two words: Vitae, which is Latin for life and “Vyazi”, which is the name of the ligatured script based on the Cyrillic alphabet.