Binary clock

Lenin st., the roundabout next to building 179a



Andrey Matchin

Andrey is an engineer and an entrepreneur. He lives and works in Vyksa.

A sculpture of metal representing a strand of DNA with lit sections that, when working, indicate the time.

The number of lit elements represents the current time in binary code. The flickering segments show hours, the helix bars show minutes. The count goes from the bottom to the top.

"The shape is not random as the double helix looks like DNA. Combining form and function, we create a program for the future transmitting the vector of development in art to future generations. It is also a reminder of time as something of constant value,"

— the artist said about the project.

The project won the Grand Prix at the “Useful Art” Contest which is part of the Parallel Program of the 2018 Art Ovrag.