"Rainbow World" Art Park

Pirogova st., 6



The project team included: Roman Ermakov, Druzhba Studio, "Drakonoproekt" Architectural School, Olga Pogodina, Natalya Gusseva, Zhanna Orlova, Elena Churaeva, Antonina Troshkova, Galina Belova, Elena Zaitseva, Vitaly Abramov.

The project of the park became one of Art Ovrag's most striking projects to change the urban culture and develop public spaces.

During the first year, there were several meetings and sessions at which the adults decided on the functionality and the children decided on the look of the future space. The layouts and sketches created formed the basis of the square project.


“The initial condition that we set for the residents when choosing the back yards is that we would work with proactive people. From the beginning, we informed them an architect coming to see them depended on their level of activity. We could only implement the project if people showed their willingness to take part not only in meetings and discussions but also painted fences with their own hands, planted trees, repaired benches,”

— Irina Sedykh said in an interview to iskusstvo-info.ru

In the second year, local business people joined in. The local authorities provided funds to create elements of the model. The original objects were created with funds provided by the festival budget.

Residents came up with a name for the project and reated pages for it on social media sites. They set up and held various events, celebrations, and meetings and broadcast their experience of reorganizing the urban environment on the scale of the town of Vyksa and at the national level, took part in conferences, competitions, and fora.

The United Metallurgical Company, the OMK-Uchastiye Charity Foundation, and the local authorities supported and implemented the project.